Visual Arts Career Day – Tuesday March 22

Thank you to ALL of our amazing presenters!

From parents, to community members and fine artists in the tri-state area,

you really inspired our students today!  

We appreciate you making time in your busy schedules

to share your experiences with our students!

The Art Department is pleased to be able to continue to host a day of presentations of individuals working in creative visual careers.  This year we are particularly grateful to all of the parents who are volunteering to present! Listed below are our presenters and the classes that will be attending.

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3rd annual visual arts career day

As we speak our career day is underway! Thank you the CHSN PTSA for putting the tools in our hands to make this happen! In addition to stipends for speakers, out new tablets are enabling us to take photos and videos, and load the live!

Period 1: Chantale Bourdage- Scenic painter


Chantale paints sets and scenery for Broadway and film. In 5 years she has worked more than 130 productions!

When asked what qualities you need to work in the industry she has found flexibility, collaboration and ability to problem solve are key qualities.

Period 2: Peter Freed – Photographer

Peter is a freelance photographer who has worked for the New York Times, various magazines, universities and corporations.  He is also in the process of creating a book of photographs called  Prime.

When asked what skills he thought were important in his field he refereed to the importance of confidence and people skills.

Period 3: Carol Langstein – Art Therapist


Carol works with private clients as well as individuals in institutions.

Period 4: Joe  Maire – Commercial producer


Joe demonstrated the production of the creation of a commercial from concept to production. Joe told us some of the most rewarding aspects of the job are building something out of nothing and then realizing that 1 billion people are going to see it.
Maintain relationships and reminding people that you’re around are important skills.

Period 5: Mrs. Diamond, Mrs Rickli, Ms. Dunn and Mr Wolfson – Art Educators


The CHSN Art Department shared stories on their different paths that led them to teaching

Period 5: Robert Stolarik – NY Times photographer

For the past 15 years Robert has taken local, national and international photos for the Times.  Among  the shoots that Robert has done, he said he is always drawn to natural disasters.

Robert told us that for him, the most important skill he has is caring about the people in his shoots and letting them know he respects them. He feels this is even more important than the shoot or the photo that is taken.

Period 6: Mr Wolfson – Scenic Artist


Always be ready for opportunities and be flexible and open to new experiences and opportunities. Believe you can do anything. And be willing to research.

Period 7: Jennie Marino – Special Effects artist



Jennie has work on Broadway productions, TV series and local theater. Jennie’s dynamic presentation was filled with some of the following tips:

Tips: work and play well with others, play with materials ( explore and experiment), ask questions, be alert, stay connected, photograph your work regularly-even if you think it’s not good, whatever you do, do it well, be willing to do anything.

“How do you eat an elephant? First you nibble the tail.”
“Sometimes you get money, sometimes you get talent, sometimes you get time. You rarely get all three.”

Period 8: CHSN alumni: Nicole Fleisser, Ned Semoff and Hillary Beson


Nicole Fleisher- Graphic Designer/Art Director

Tips- make connections with people, always be true to yourself, take advice, be enthusiastic,keep in touch with people,time management skills have l”eave behinds” at interviews, research your competitors

Ned Semoff- Yearbook Designer/rep

Tips: Take initiative, kae opportunities, don’t just wait for them, must be social media literate- look at favorite businesses and how they use social media ( social media websites for graphic designers) app design is the future- practice it using I phone size templates.

Hillary Beson- Aperture Not for profit Photography organization- publishing photo books and magazines- development/fundraising assistant ( securing grants and donations)

Visual Arts Career Day-Friday February 7

The 3rd annual Visual Arts Career Day will be this Friday.  Throughout the day speakers will be presenting to at classes on a wide array of experiences working in creative careers.

If a student would like to attend a session that is not during their art class, they need to attain a permission slip prior to the day of the event.  See your art teach for details