Upcoming Events in the Art Department

10/24 – Art Honor Society Meeting – after school, Main Chorus Room

10/25 – Work Due for student exhibit: Express Yourself

10/26 – Turkeygram Workshop #1 – handprints

10/31 – Halloween Costume Contest – Judging in the Library

11/8 – Turkeygram Workshop #2-drawing turkeys

11/13-11/17 – Turkeygram Sales

11/16 – CHSN Visual Arts College Fair and Portfolio Review

11/21 – Delivery of Turkeygrams…GOBBLE,GOBBLE!



Info on clubs and extra-curricular activities:

To find out more, join the remind 101 for updates:

For each of the following, text 81010, and in the message write:

@m3ka                          for Art Club

@pclub17-18                for Photo Club

@chsnahs                     for Art Honor Society


Upcoming Events in The Art Department

Tuesday, 9/26 – First General Meeting of the Art Honor Society, auditorium, afterschool

This meeting is encouraged for all juniors and seniors interested in the application process.

This meeting is encourage for all students (freshman and sophomores included) that would like to hear about upcoming activities.

Wednesday, 9/27 – Art Workshop, DRAW IT ON, PASS IT ON

This workshop is open to ALL students (even those not currently enrolled in an art class). Bring your friends!

This workshop will feature collaborative art-making experiences that will ultimately become the imagery for our first student exhibit.

The workshop and the exhibit will both count towards the Art Honor Society application.

Thursday, 9/28 – Art Club. Room 608, afterschool

Looking to make art with friends afte-rschool? The Art Club is open to all!


Thursday 10/5 – Photography Club, rm 505

Congratulations to our Warhol Society Seniors









Each year we acknowledge the Art Department Seniors that are graduating having taken 5 or more years of art in high school.  These devoted art students have doubled up on art classes during one or more of their years in high school.

This years Warhol Society Inductees are:

Brittany Wong, Cayli Cowen, Daniel Murray, Danielle Jesnes, Chloe Albert, Cecilia Utzig, Teena Thomas, Arlys Tineo, Jessica Nunes, Vicoria Jeon