Congratulations to our finalists for the Congressional Art Contest for NY 17

Although only 5 could advance to the finalist level, North was proud to have submissions to the Congressional Art Competition from SO MANY students:

Aanika Nawar, Dannie Dominiani, Eric La, Cynthia Griffin, Kassidy Gaviola, Kaitlyn Holmes, Almas Shakil, Nicole Simbana, Natalie Sudol,Jason Dezile, Jaylyn Mojica, Megan Leiter, and Diego Sandoval-Zamora.

Aanika, Dannie, Eric, Jason and Jaylyn with be going on to the next level of competition at Congresswoman Nita Lowey’s office.

They are also invited to a ceremony at the Congresswoman’s office on Monday May 6.

Good luck to all!

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