Great Opportunity- Two Drwing Classes at Mercy College- Sat. March 4 and 11 – Space is limited to 16!

The Computer Arts+Design Program at Mercy College invites students to attend a Drawing Workshop hosted by Professor Josh Gaetjen.

The workshop provides students with an introduction to the basic principles and processes of observational drawing. Emphasis will be placed on establishing clear spatial and volumetric renderings of forms. Admission is free for this two-day workshop. Space is limited to 16 students on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information or to register, contact Professor Josh Gaetjen at 914.674.3015 or at To learn more about the Computer Arts + Design program, visit

Tech-showcase cover contest winners









Thank you to all of our Computer Graphics students for their entries!

Ysabel Cain

Thomas Rizzi

Josh Evans

Aidan Neimark

Julian Thomas


Congratulations to Julian Thomas and Adrian Neimark!  Their award winning designs will be featured on the cover of the Technology Showcase program being held in Clarkstown on March 2.  Check the district website for more event details.

The Robot Project is Underway

This week, Art students from Clarkstown High School North have been collaborating with students from Bardonia Elementary and Valley Cottage Elementary around the topic of Robots.

North students guided their younger peers in thinking about the form and functions of robots.  As students worked together they discussed details ranging from materials the robots would be made of to emotions they might emulate.

Preliminary drawings were made by the elementary school students.









Art teachers Nancy Diamond (CHSN), Jen Bini (Bardonia Elementary) and Frank Millilo (Valley Cottage Elementary) will continue to work behind the scenes to assist students through the next phases of this collaboration.

During the next phase of the project the high school students will use the drawings from their elementary school  partner to create their interpretation of the robot.

In March the students will collaborate again, this time via Google Hangouts and Google Classroom, to discuss how the interpretations by the high school students are going.

Highlights from this project will be on view at the CCSD Technology Showcase on Thursday, March 2.

The final phase of this project will be an exhibit of works from both the elementary and high school students at the Chestnut Grove Offices this summer.

Special thanks to CHSN senior Stephen Campanella for his enthusiasm and drive in pursuing this project!

Stay tuned!

National Scholastic Art and Writing Award winners – an unprecedented 32 winning entries!

7 Gold Key winners, 11 Silver winners, and 12 Honorable mentions across all grade levels and course in the CHSN Art Department!  We are proud of all of those who participated, and those who had their work acknowledged.

Good luck to our Gold and Silver Key recipients, as they move on to be considered for a final round of National awards.


    • Claudia Jo Gold Key Digital Art The Brain’s Response to Emotion
    • Claudia Jo Gold Key Digital Art Comfort Women
    • Eric La Gold Key Digital Art Forest Light
    • Daniel Murray Gold Key Digital Art David Bowie Tribute
    • Jessica Nunes Gold Key Ceramics & Glass The Great Wall of Flowers
    • Mona Tong Gold Key Drawing and Illustration SPEAK
    • Olivia Hernandez Gold Key Ceramics & Glass Inspired Piece
  • Emma Broughton Silver Key Ceramics & Glass dragon fruit
  • Angela Camenisch Silver Key Drawing and Illustration Betta Fish
  • Ally Earley Silver Key Sculpture Fall Tree
  • Barrie Fisher Silver Key Sculpture Cloud from the Raindrop
  • Harrison Garcia Silver Key Digital Art Our prosperity their Poverty
  • Melanie Gatchalian Silver Key Drawing and Illustration Subtraction Portrait
  • Claudia Jo Silver Key Digital Art Tears of Syria
  • Claudia Jo Silver Key Digital Art Disaster of Sewol Ferry
  • Claudia Jo Silver Key Digital Art A Dog’s Devotion
  • Kara Lau Silver Key Digital Art Stilled Room
  • Rebecca Williams Silver Key Sculpture Untitled



  • Kara Lau Honorable Mention Digital Art Color in Motion
  • Ana Mazariego Honorable Mention Sculpture Under the Shell
  • Claudia Jo Honorable Mention Drawing and Illustration Who I Am
  • Claudia Jo Honorable Mention Drawing and Illustration Brain Chemistry
  • Cayli Cowen Honorable Mention Sculpture Moving Piece
  • Victoria Delucia Honorable Mention Ceramics & Glass By the Sea
  • Phebe Grosser Honorable Mention Photography Post-it’s by the Subway
  • Alexis Guillermo Honorable Mention Sculpture Rib Cage
  • Victoria Jeon Honorable Mention Art Portfolio Colorful Moods
  • Sara Popal Honorable Mention Sculpture Fantasy’s Flower
  • Lily Shapiro Honorable Mention Sculpture Eternal Galaxy
  • Mona Tong Honorable Mention Painting Perpetual
  • Phebe Grosser Honorable Mention Photography Post-it’s by the Subway